The Elk Point City Council focused much of its discussion on developing Country Club Estates, both in the regular meeting Monday, Oct. 5 and in the study session preceding the meeting.

Chris Dunham, of the Dunham Company in Sioux Falls, owns the property along Country Club Drive, Jack Nicklaus Drive and E. Main Street. The council wants to find a way to convince him to finish Jack Nicklaus Drive. They also want him to either complete the development or sell the land to another developer who will.

Right now, Jack Nicklaus is a cul-de-sac that is longer than city codes allow. It was supposed to connect through to Country Club Drive, but Dunham Company never completed it. In addition to violating city codes, the Elk Point Fire Department has expressed its concerns with getting equipment into the far end of the street. The city wants the road to be finished per the original agreement. Both City Administrator Derek Tuttle and City Attorney Craig Thompson have contacted Chris Dunham a number of times.

“Chris is always real cordial and nice, friendly whenever I talk to him, but he doesn’t follow through,” Thompson said. “He says he’ll call me back, but he never does. I’ve called him two or three times with Derek [Tuttle] on the phone… he’s stalling.”

The council discussed several options, including finishing the road and assessing the cost to Dunham.

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