Architecture, Inc. was once again present to show various options of courthouse expansion to the Union County Commissioners, Oct. 20. At the last meeting, the commissioners scrapped one idea and asked for a drawing separating the administrative offices from the court offices. Upon seeing those plans, which cost $6.5 and $5 million, the commissioners rejected them. The commissioners settled on continuing to look at plans one and two – which expanded the courthouse slightly on the east and west sides and move the generator and communication tower away from the courthouse so, if needed in the future, expansion can occur to the north. The construction costs quoted for plan one and two were $4.4 and $5 million, respectively. That cost doesn’t include soil tests, bearings, survey work or architecture and engineering costs. The cost will firm up once a decision is made and a plan put in place.

More discussion will take place Nov. 5 to be followed up with meeting the department heads for their thoughts Nov. 17.

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