A request from CeC, LLC was made to the North Sioux City City Council Monday, Nov. 1 to connect to the city’s water and sewer services for a property they own on South Derby Lane. Several residences in that area, though not part of the city, already have city services via a private water line. The line requested would be put in at CeC’s expense; however, it would be a two-inch line, compared to the city’s 12-inch lines.

The city had two options to consider: 1) allow CeC to connect to city services at their own expense; or 2) deliberate annexing the property south of city limits (east of 1-29) to the Dakota Dunes boundary and participate in the project.

Ryan Callaghan and Travis Thom with CeC were present to discuss the housing project and to answer the council’s questions. Callaghan stated they had purchased three acres of land immediately north of their facility. Their intention is to build houses for employees.

“It makes sense to bring [the area] into the city, in my opinion,” council member Dan Parks said. “It makes sense to make that connection.”

Council member Joan Christiansen wondered, if the city looked at annexating the area, whether it would hinder CeC’s project. City Administrator Eric Christensen said CeC could enter into an agreement with the city to continue construction.

“In my opinion, there’s no reason to put in a two-inch line and then 10 years from now, the city annexes it and then have to tear out everything they’ve done,” Parks said.

Other council members had questions for contractual matters and legal. Since no executive session was on the agenda, the council decided to table the request and revisit after their concerns could be addressed in executive session.

Christensen stated that he believed if the city were to annex that area, it would be an involuntary annexation which would require a study and a public hearing.

Agenda Items

During the Stockwell Engineering report given by Jon Brown, Parks asked about the new pedestrian crosswalk on Streeter Drive. Brown said the button sticks and they’re working on getting it fixed so the crosswalk lights aren’t flashing constantly. Brown said they’re also working with the fire department to adjust the timing of the fire station's flashing lights. Brown also gave updates on other projects.

There was a request from the City of Sioux City to add shelters at the bus stops in North Sioux City. There are 10 bus stops in North Sioux City. Of those 10, two stops have benches, one has a bench and shelter and seven have neither. The council agreed that all the stops should have both. Christensen expressed concerns about glass shelters and wished to look into other options. The council gave him direction to look into different types of shelters and bring them a cost estimate at the next meeting.

The council approved two plats – Lot 15 Lakeshore Addition and Lots 11 and 11A William Halliday Tract 2.

For $1,200, the city is participating in Ninjio, which is a program that helps train employees on internet/cyber security education.

“This instructs employees how to be more aware of cyber threats to our network and our data,” Christensen explained. “All users on the City’s domain/internal network will receive monthly educational materials about real world threats. The goal is to reduce the risk of our network falling victim to cyber criminals or ransom attacks.”

The council agreed this would be a great thing for the city and said they would also participate in the trainings since their emails are through the city.

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