A discussion ensued during a public hearing for a variance request from Herrity Construction on changing Elk Point’s side yard setbacks. Currently, the city’s side yard setbacks are at nine feet. The Elk Point City Council discussed changing it to seven feet rather than the current nine.

Council member Ken VonHaden stated he would support the change, as long as it’s okay with the fire department.

“I just want to ask, why the fire department though, if the International Building Code, the minimum is five, why would we have to ask the fire department if it’s okay for seven?” City Administrator Derek Tuttle asked.

“We don’t always have the same equipment as Sioux City or Sioux Falls to fight a fire,” VonHaden said. “If they’re alright with it, I’m alright with it.”

“We’re a fire district we have sufficient equipment,” Tuttle said.

The council decided to consider changing the zoning ordinance, as long as the fire department was consulted, from a nine foot side yard setback to seven. A revised ordinance will be brought to the next council meeting.

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