Unrivaled Traditions Outdoors Trailer

This trailer will haul all the gear a group of veterans will need, as Unrivaled Traditions Outdoors takes them on a hunting trip this winter.

Unrivaled Traditions Outdoors is looking to give veterans an opportunity they may never have had before.

For three weekends in December, January and February, the group will take veterans hunting around Elk Point and Jefferson. The group provides everything they need, according to board members Brad Irwin, Troy Norby and Josh Rupp, including blinds, decoys and shells.

“The only thing we ask them to bring is a shotgun,” Norby said.

“And their license,” Rupp added.

“That’s a testament to our sponsors too, because we get a lot of sponsors who pitch in to help supply these guys,” Rupp said.

This year, one sponsor donated enough to pay for the nine licenses they need for the veterans.

They’ll hunt duck and goose in December, then goose in January and February. The group has agreements with a number of landowners in the area where the hunting is good.

There are a few open spots, so any veteran interested in taking part can call Rupp at 712-389-0793.

They started the group because they were all interested in hunting, be it small game, big game, water fowl, even fish.

“We’re basically a bunch of buddies that all have the same passion for the outdoors,” Rupp said. “So we formed this group and we thought, ‘What would we like to do with it?’ And we all agreed, ‘Let’s do stuff that gives back to the community and gives back to people that wouldn’t necessarily go hunting because they don’t know what it would be like.’ We’re trying to give them an opportunity to get kind of a taste for it.”

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