Two additional committees were discussed and approved at the Dakota Valley School Board meeting Oct. 11. The School Improvement Committee would focus on school improvement data and cycles.

“Just thinking about, ‘What is our reality?’” Dakota Valley Superintendent Dr. Tonia Warzecha explained. “Where are we currently performing? What is our achievement? What is our culture? What is our focus now? What kind of goals do we want to put in place for Dakota Valley School District in three years, five years, seven years and ten years? And then, "How do we design a school improvement plan with action items to get us to that point?'”

The Visual Identity Standards Committee would focus on the components that make up Dakota Valley’s brand identity.

“Thinking about, not just marketing, but the adoption of specific logos, official logos,” Warzecha said. “We do have our DV, but we also have a Panther head and a couple of other things. Specific RGB colors for the purple. When we are Panther Purple, what does that mean when we go to print? And website development, social media, things like that. What does that look like?”

Warzecha said she expects in some instances that the two committees would overlap when it comes to the future development of the school.

The board, using a roll call vote, since board president Steve Kistner was in attendance via Zoom, approved the creation of the two committees.

Board of Education Bronze Award

The Dakota Valley School Board was awarded the Board of Education Bronze Award by the Associated School Boards of South Dakota. The plaque was presented at their meeting Oct. 11. Pictured are school board member Andrew Nilges, board vice-president Jeff Dooley and school board members Sara Weber and Matt Thompson. Board President Steve Kistner is not pictured, but was present via Zoom.

Board member Andrew Nilges and vice-president Jeff Dooley will be on the School Improvement Committee and Kistner and board member Sara Weber on the Visual Identity Standards Committee. Board member Matt Thompson said that he’d be more than willing to be an alternate on either committee.

Warzecha would like to see some type of plan in place for the Visual Identity Standards Committee by the end of the school’s fiscal year – June 30, 2022. This mainly has to do with the website contract being up for renewal.

The Dakota Valley School District School Board received the Bronze-level Board Award from the Associated School Boards of South Dakota (ASBSD). Warzecha said the board can earn this through board development and participation in different things throughout the state involving local government.

Dooley asked how the board could work toward receiving a Silver or Gold Award. Warzecha said it involves attending the events that ASBSD sponsors throughout the year, whether it be conferences or trainings.

“It’s a level of engagement in politics in the state,” Warzecha explained. “Andrew [Nilges] serving on the state legislative committee and is attending out in Pierre in November helped earn points toward that. Most schools wouldn’t send somebody, but we are.”

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