Landscaping island

The Willows Association requested of the Dakota Dunes Community Improvement District Board of Supervisors to consider the removal of this and a second landscaping island. They stated that they have become problematic for line of sight issues for traffic and detrimental during winter snow removal as snow piles up at these locations. The board will consider the $13-14,000 project in its 2021 budget.

With prior and recent vandalism done to the two parks in Dakota Dunes, the Dakota Dunes Community Improvement District (CID) Board of Supervisors approved a proposal from ECI Systems, Inc., based out of North Sioux City, to install security cameras in the Prairie and Meadow parks. The goal is to record and provide live feed to the Union County Sheriff’s Department and security personnel.

“Specifically, in Meadows Park, it will cover the basketball courts, the gazebo and the playground equipment to try and stem some of the vandalism and mischief that’s been going on down there,” Dakota Dunes CID District Manager Jeff Dooley explained. “In the Prairie Park, it should be able to get the parking lot, the gazebo and playground. So we’ll be able to see most of everything that comes in there.”

The video footage will only be available to law enforcement officials.

The board allocated $10,000 to the purchase and installment of the cameras. The proposal came in around $8,000; $2,000 was added in case extra internet lines need to be placed. Installation will begin in the next couple of weeks.

“It will be a couple of cameras that provide a mosaic view,” Dooley said. “But it’s very, very clear and detail-oriented. It can record for a period of time, so if something happens at the parks, we can go back and see if it’s on video. It was much more cost effective than I thought it would be.

“There are some privacy issues,” Dooley continued. “Again, it will only be available to law enforcement and if we capture anybody’s backyard, we can black that out. We won’t be recording what’s going on in backyards, just what’s going on in the parks.”

The board passed on a four to one vote (Brad Anderson voting against), a proposal from Siouxland Initiative to support air service to Denver, CO. Skywest is establishing a route from Sioux City to Denver and part of the proposal is a federal grant which needs to be matched by local dollars. Surrounding communities are being asked to kick in toward the local dollars. Dooley stated they did the same thing for the Dallas, TX route. The proposal asked for a commitment up to $20,000 over 18 months beginning January, 2021. The amount will be placed in the CID’s 2021 budget with a caveat that the other communities are participating.

The Willows Association requested the removal of two island entries. They are two little landscaping islands that were put in originally for aesthetic value.

“They have proven to be detrimental to both their snow removal and ours,” Dooley said. “Also, for line of sight issues. They requested they be removed.”

The board approved that to be placed for consideration into the 2021 budget. The project would cost $13-14,000 for the removal of both islands.

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