The Jefferson City Council held two meetings Tuesday, March 16 – one to hear from property owners objecting to their tax assessments and a second to appoint workers for the April 13 municipal election.

Meeting as the city council, members approved Joan Steckelberg as Precinct Superintendent and Nicki Werner and Andy McIntosh as Precinct Deputies.

As the Local Board of Equalization, members were presented with four letters of grievances. Finance Officer Michaeleen Roark assembled information on the tax history and amenities of three comparable properties for each case.

Two of those letters were from Brian and Nichole Christiansen for their properties at 506 and 508 Wilson. According to the Union County Assessor, their primary residence at 508 has risen in value from $71,288 in 2016 to $103,001 in 2021, with few updates made to the property. The board agreed to the evaluation of a similar property and lowered it to $95,279.

The structure at 506 Wilson is a modular home, built prior to 1970. It’s valuation increased from $58,934 in 2016 to $77,269 in 2021. Brian Christiansen said they’re trying to sell it, but most banks don’t want to lend on a modular home that old. Based on the comps, the board dropped the valuation to $69,972.

The board next considered the grievance from Gary and Barbara Shadbolt. They were unable to attend the meeting because of a death in the family, but according to the assessor, could still have their grievance heard. Their property at 913 Shannon Drive has increased from $129,422 in 2016 to $188,705 in 2021. The Shadbolts feel the increase is excessive, since they have not made any improvements. The board agreed and lowered the valuation to $172,320.

The fourth property owners, Larry and Julie Whitlock, were also unable to attend because of a death in the family. They were objecting to a rise in their property at 403 W. Dakota Ave. from $74,690 in 2016 to $97,453 in 2021, again with no improvements made. The board lowered the valuation to $87,854.

The next regular council meeting will be at 7 p.m. Monday, April 5 at city hall.