Load King

Nearly 80 employees of Load King gathered for a photo atop a recently-finished show trailer to celebrate the company’s 65th anniversary Sept. 17. The 55-ton trailer headed to the The Utility Expo Show Sept. 20 in Louisville, KY. The sign above the group lists all the employees and has each employee’s signature.

Load King, a manufacturer of custom heavy-haul and dump trailers, is celebrating its 65th anniversary.

The company was founded in 1956 by Oscar Duane (OD) Hanson on Rose Street in Elk Point. Today, his grandson, Dan Herrity, is the company’s Quality Services Manager. Its original location is part of the current administration offices. The manufacturing facility across Rose Street was built starting in the mid-1960s when CMI purchased the company. Load King also has a plant in Sedalia, MO.

Terex and Manitex also owned the company at one time, but Custom Truck One Source purchased the company in 2015. Three managers – Kevin Manship, John Maxwell and Tyler Flemming, all formerly with Caterpillar, saw possibilities to increase production by revamping the manufacturing area.

“It’s amazing how things are set up now,” Operations Manager Shane Gigstad said. “It’s kind of like decorating a home… it’s all about the flow. Just rearranging. It wasn’t, ‘We’ve got to completely scrap this facility.’ It was just the process of how the lines work.”

Those changes brought an increase in production of nearly 40 percent. They did not, however, change the company’s product focus – utility trailers and hydraulic detaches.

“The 55-60 ton trailers are our bread and butter,” Gigstad said.

Those trailers are far larger than the company first constructed.

“With the way the construction industry has gone, they’ve driven demand for bigger capacity trailers,” Herrity said.

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