In an unusual way to be elected, Patti Teel won the mayoral position by drawing a card (Ace of Spades) at a recount April 20 from the April 13 election. Teel was tied with challenger Linda Cutsinger.

Teel was sworn in as mayor of North Sioux City at the May 4 meeting. Teel has some experience in business management as she co-owned Discount Liquor for 13 years and has continued as a part-time employee of Jim Brown. She handles the bookkeeping for Goode to Go, Clark and Sugar Daddy’s.

“I only work part-time,” Teel said. “I had some spare time to do this. I’m getting close to retirement and I kind of have been thinking about doing something volunteer just to get out more to do something.”

She became interested after receiving an email asking businesses to think of people who might make a good mayor with a business background. She discussed it with her bosses and with their support, jumped right in the running.

“I’ve come to meetings throughout the years,” Teel said. “There’s things that come up licenses, stuff like that, so I’ve been to a few more meetings than probably the average person who doesn’t work in business. I felt like, I would know a lot more; but there’s so much. There’s ordinances, streets and construction; things that change with the water and the sewer. It’s a lot.”

Even so, Teel is up to the task and ready to learn. She’s also happy to see all the growth in the community.

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