Horizon Health Care Elk Point Clinic

Work on Horizon Health Care Elk Point Clinic will be done in three phases - Phase 1 (red), Phase 2 (purple) and Phase 3 (yellow).

Horizon Health Care Elk Point Clinic is currently undergoing major renovations. According to Regional Office Manager Mary Honomichl, the project will cost $750,000. However, the work has been carefully planned so there will be no disruption to care.

“We received a grant of $250,000 from HRSA’s Capital Assistance for Disaster Response and Recovery Efforts (CADRE) to repair the roof and interior water damage,” Honomichl said. “The remaining funds to cover the cost of the project will come from operational revenues that have been generated through increased patient demand.”

new exam rooms

The area shown will soon house four completely new exam rooms.

Workers recently completed the roof and interior water damage repair. The renovation continues in Phase 1, which will convert former storage space into four exam rooms, a procedure room and a laboratory. Honomichl said the lab will be especially welcome, as the current lab is shared with on-duty staff. That work is expected to be completed in March.

Crews will then turn to Phase 2. It converts the old procedure room into a nurse’s station, remodels three existing exam rooms and reconstructs a fourth. It adds more storage and updates the waiting and reception areas.

Phase 3 involves remodeling office and breakroom space.

All the renovations will take place inside the current facility. None of the work changes the basic footprint of the clinic. The project should be done by June of this year.

new procedure room

Work continues on a room that is being completely gutted to become the new procedure room.

Honomichl said the work has been carefully planned to allow the clinic to remain fully operational. There will be no disruptions to care. However, the renovatons will prepare the clinic to serve the community well into the future.

“Our expansion reinforces our commitment to providing high quality healthcare to the Elk Point community and surrounding areas,” Honomichl said. “We are incredibly grateful that the community has embraced us over the past year to require additional exam rooms and allow us to provide an even better patient experience.”

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