There was some disagreement among the Union County Board of County Commissioners on what had previously been set for raises during the budget discussions at their meeting Dec. 1. Previously-agreed-upon raises for elected officials were Union County Sheriff Dan Limoges and Union County Treasurer Myron Hertel $3,000 raise and Union County Register of Deeds Katie Buum, Union County State’s Attorney Jerry Miller and Union County Auditor Jackie Sieverding $2,000 raise.

Commissioner Michael Dailey wanted to see Sieverding also receive the $3,000 raise after witnessing how much work she went through for the election process amongst the COVID-19 pandemic. He made a motion, but it failed due to lack of a second. Commissioner Kevin Joffer moved to keep the salary raises at the agreed upon amounts during budget season with a second by commissioner Rich Headid. Dailey abstained with the other four (Joffer, Headid, Tom Kimmel and Milton Ustad) voting yes.

A long discussion took place on employee raises versus department head raises. Headid wanted to see department heads have the same raise as elected officials.

“I think department heads and elected officials all work hard,” Headid said. “And I want to treat them the same... I think I can justify that all the department heads and elected officials are all doing a great job and I want to treat them that way; I don’t want to treat them differently.”

“I don’t disagree with you, Rich,” Joffer said. “But don’t you think we should tackle this during the 2022 budget?”

Headid explained that they have been trying to fix salaries for the last few years. He doesn’t think the county is there yet and still wants to treat everyone fairly.

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