Dave and Judy Oberg

Dave and Judy Oberg

Dave and Judy Oberg are still struggling with complications from COVID-19 nearly two months after they were first diagnosed.

They both got sick the last week of July, with symptoms of fever, aches and coughing. Dave said in the beginning his back was really sore. When they were tested at a Sioux City hospital, Dave was positive for COVID-19 and Judy for strep throat. When her conditions worsened, Judy went back and this time tested posititve for COVID-19 as well.

Dave said the fever was by far the worst part. His lasted over 10 days. He remembers sitting in a cold bath, trying to stop sweating.

Their tests were on a Thursday, but by Sunday, Dave was having more and more trouble breathing. His daughter-in-law is a nurse and she convinced him to see a doctor that Monday. He was diagnosed with both viral and bacterial pneumonia and given several drugs to treat it. Within a few days, his breathing eased, but the fever and aches continued.

“And I was coughing terrible for about another week and a half,” he said.

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