Preliminary courthouse expansion project rendering

A preliminary courthouse expansion project rendering is shown. This includes an expansion of 9,725 square feet for the administrative office and sheriff’s office. The expansion of the courts will be held at a later date. The commissioners will be holding public meetings to explain the need for the expansion to the residents of Union County. The dates of those meetings have yet to be determined.

Andrew Eitreim of Architecture, Incorporated has been working on preliminary drawings for a courthouse expansion project for the last few months. He presented the latest preliminary rendering to the Union County Board of County Commissioners during their meeting July 27.

When employees talked about their offices, they all cited the lack of storage space in the courthouse. Almost all the vaults and the outside storage shed that was built in 2016 are full. The preliminary rendering increased storage areas for every office and increased workspaces. Cost of the current proposed project is estimated around $4.1 million.

Included in the $4.1 million is administrative remodel, bathroom remodel, soft costs, owner contingency and estimating contingency. It comes down to about $240 per square foot.

Eitreim also discussed options of having a construction or project manager who would work with Architecture, Incorporated to design, give input and create the construction schedule.

According to the current preliminary rendering, the offices will stay close to how they are now, but the Register of Deeds, Auditor and Commission rooms would be in the new expansion. The Treasurer’s Office would encompass the current hallway and office. The Sheriff’s Office would see quite a change, especially to the sally port and administrative rooms. The lobby size would increase into the current pull-through sally port, along with a holding and booking room. The administrative side would be extended another 3,300 square feet so that the dispatch office takes over the current dispatch and some administrative offices. Also included in the scope of work is relocating the radio tower and generator.

The commissioners will hold public meetings at a later date. Their next regular meeting will be held at 8:30 a.m. Aug. 10 at the Union County Courthouse.