At the request of the Union County Board of County Commissioners, representatives of the Union County 4-H Shooting Sports and one member of the fair board appeared at the meeting Tuesday, Jan. 12 to discuss situations occurring in the Main Exhibit Building at the fairgrounds outside of Alcester.

Commissioner Mike Dailey began the conversation by thanking them for coming and gave a brief background of how they had gotten to this point. He apologized for not taking a more active role, saying he didn’t understand how much room the shooting sports actually needed, especially with new COVID-19 guidelines and safety measures.

“I found out that, yes, you need the space,” Dailey said. “The EMT room, the issue we got into with that, now we found out after the fact that there was mold in the wall and it needed to come out. I’m sorry that that became such a dragged-out point. It is miscommunication back and forth, and we dropped the ball. We should have talked to Janet [Lingle] after we changed our minds after the meeting where we decided we were keeping it. That’s all done.”

Dailey continued on to say that the commission is willing to move forward to benefit the children and how much he appreciates volunteers. He stated that they didn’t hear their [shooting sports] side of the events that happened.

“But let’s get back in focus, because it’s for the kids and move forward,” Dailey said. “We need that building for you guys to get in there just as quick as you can to get the kids shooting, because they got competition coming up. And then we’ll need it at fair time. We can make it all work. We just got to move forward.”

Commissioner Kevin Joffer said that he, along with the other commissioners, pushed to have the shooting sports be present so they could clear the air.

“I, too, know that this is about the kids, and I appreciate everything you do to make this happen,” Joffer said. “I fully support the shooting program.”

Commissioner Rich Headid agreed that the issue needed to be fixed and that the project needed to move forward. He agreed that this is about the children and iterated that the county supports them 100 percent.

Michael Rasmussen brought up the issue of the selling of the furnace. He said that they have an email telling them to sell it. Headid apologized for how he reacted at the last meeting and explained the process the county has to go through in order to sell and throw away items. After that Rasmussen asked about a couple other items – a broken air conditioning unit and panelling. Headid told him to contact Auditor Jackie Sieverding with any property that has to be replaced and junked or sold so that the county has the proper information to get rid of it.

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