A request was made by Joe LaFleur for the North Sioux City City Council to allow a cannabis licensee to move to another location, still owned by LaFleur. According to the current ordinance doesn’t allow for this request. City Administrator Eric Christensen informed the council at its July 5 meeting that other license applicants had been approached to garner their opinion on the matter. Most applicants didn’t have an issue, as long as the proposed location would not to be more advantageous than the original location.

“The council really needs to decide if it wants to change the rules of the game, at this point,” Christensen said. “There’s been no licenses issued everybody’s gone through this process. Mr. LaFleur, when he was here, admitted that, you know, this was something that he did he took responsibility for it. He’s willing to live with it if counsel doesn’t make the change. So that’s basically where we sit.”

Christensen said the council didn’t have to change the ordinance, but he did provide a revised first reading for the ordinance if the council wanted to change it.

The council had various questions on the topic, such as where the writing of the current ordinance came from, the selling of the license, the ownership of licenses,

“Here’s the deal,” council member Joan Christiansen began. “When everybody applied for their licenses, they knew what this ordinance was and how it read. And if somebody applied for a license for a location that they really weren’t planning to put it on, they should not have applied for that location. Period.”

“My argument was a couple meetings ago is that they had to have a location,” council member Dan Parks said. “And they had to have the right ownership and they had to have all this down on paper. And now before we even get the triggers pulled, we’re allowing somebody to change. That’s my argument is that somebody else may not have bought that property, they may have said, well, I’ll just go for the license, and then I’ll make an offer on a property. Now, granted, this property is moving side by side, but still. And I don’t know about Ben but that’s one of the things Ben’s going to talk about is that he wouldn’t have bought the property he bought; he would have put it over here. This, I happen to agree with Joan [Christiansen] and this is that we’re changing the rules after the fact that we haven’t even got the places open yet.”

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