Adams Homestead and Nature Preserve’s attendance increased 49 percent from 2019 to 2020. Attendance was 35,198.

“The one thing that was positive out of the pandemic is that people learned to come outside again,” Park Manager Jody Moats said. “When other things were closed, the park was always open. So this park and other South Dakota state parks were the saving grace for a lot of individuals and families. Many outdoor recreational activities increased during this time. More people bought bikes, camping equipment, kayaks, etc. The outdoors became their stress release. We are glad that we could stay open for people to come out, take a break, create some exercise and just clear their mind. It was great to see all the new people and all of the families throughout the week. The weather was pretty cooperative, too.”

Adams, along with several other parks, does not charge admission. Adams get its numbers from traffic counters near the entrance, one on the homestead site, one on the trail system by Mud Lake and another near the Wynstone entrance to the park.

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