Public Building and Grounds Superintendent Scott Sexton was in contact with Architecture, Inc. about the conceptual drawings of the courthouse remodel project. He informed the Union County Board of County Commissioners at their March 23 meeting that a lot of things weren’t taken into consideration and would cause an extra cost. These extra costs would come into play when they would have to move communication wires or well lines. Union County Auditor Jackie Sieverding was instructed to contact Architecture, Inc. and relay the commissioners’ concerns.

With the recent death of Union County Emergency Manager Andy Minihan, the commissioners discussed sending a letter of condolence to his family with the chairman’s signature. Also discussed were the current projects Minihan was working on, grants turned in, advertising for the position and who would be the contact person. Commissioner Kevin Joffer will help work through some of the things and the contact person will be Sheriff Dan Limoges.

The current COVID-19 protocols in place at the courthouse are set to expire March 31. The commissioners decided to let the protocols expire and the courthouse will open as normal April 1.

A second reading of Resolution 2021-001 regarding posting signs stating “No Through Trucks” for county roads was approved. This gives flexibility to the county to post signs restricting trucks from bypassing weigh stations by utilizing county roads. This won’t restrict farmers or those conducting local business from utilizing the roads.

A contract with Ulteig Engineering for professional services was approved. The contract is for project management, preconstruction meeting and construction engineering services. The total estimated labor fee will be $89,122.00 encompassing 628 hours, plus $10,850 in reimbursable expenses.

Upcoming retirements sparked discussion on who should pay for retirement parties. Commissioner Rich Headid stated he believed the county should pay toward retirement celebrations if an employee has been with the county for 10 or more years. He said if they are willing to dedicate that many years to the county, the county should show their appreciation. He made a motion to spend up to $200 on retirement parties for employees retiring after 10 or more years of service to the county. Commissioner Tom Kimmel seconded the motion. The money will be taken out of the commissioners’ budget.

In other agenda items, the board approved abatement 2021-005 (2020 – county $609.33, Dakota Dunes $525.02, Dakota Valley School $1,708.35 and Dakota Valley Fire $256.62), refund 2021-005 (2019 – county $565.51, Dakota Dunes $536.94, Dakota Valley School $1,647.28 and Dakota Valley Fire $165.28), various surplus property and claims.

Two meetings were set – the April 20 meeting was moved to April 19 and a meeting was set for April 27 for equalization. Both meetings will take place at 8:30 a.m.

The next meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, April 6 at 8:30 a.m.