The Jefferson City Council passed Ordinance Chapter #1.12 to provide penalties for violations of city ordinances. The action came at the council’s regular meeting Monday, April 6 at the Jefferson Community Center.

“A violation of any of the provisions of any ordinance of the City shall constitute a misdemeanor and any violator shall be fined not in excess of $500,” the ordinance reads.

The ordinance also sets terms for the apprehension and arrest of violators and states that each day an ordinance is violated will constitute a separate offense.

The council voted unanimously to approve the ordinance.

The meeting opened with a 15-minute executive session, during which the council and City Attorney Sabrina LaFleur-Sayler discussed an ordinance given first reading April 6 that is now moot, given that Gov. Kristi Noem has rescinded her Executive Order setting limits on public gatherings. The owners of Bud’s Bar, Brian and Nicki Christiansen, were present to tell the council of actions they were taking to limit the number of patrons at the bar. The council felt those actions were sufficient to keep Jefferson residents safe and took no further action.

Council member Mike Stokely asked Police Chief Randy Crum what options the city had if people who had been told to self-quarantine refused to stay home. Crum said he cannot enforce a self-quarantine; he recommended calling the Governor’s office for guidelines.

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