Discussions on sidewalk ordinances continued at the North Sioux City City Council meeting July 19. However, this time it wasn’t in the River Valley development, but meant for the entire city.

North Sioux City City Administrator Eric Christensen brought to the council’s attention that there is no ordinance requiring residents to keep up the sidewalks on their property.

Council member Kodi Benson asked if a sidewalk falls into disrepair if it could be classified as a nuisance, to which Christensen responded no.

“What does happen, if say, somebody is using the sidewalk, jogging down the sidewalk and the sidewalk is up about this far from a heave and they trip, who’s at risk?” council member Gary Bogenrief asked.

“The property owner would be my guess,” Christensen responded.

Council member Dan Parks also agreed that the homeowner would be responsible.

Council member Doug Berg asked Christensen to research surrounding towns to see if they have ordinances and to bring it to the council.

Jon Brown of Stockwell Engineering reminded the council that they need to put in a line that states sidewalks must be ADA compliant.

Department Heads

North Sioux City Chief of Police Rich Headid asked for permission to add part-time, as needed, police officers to his pool. He has one fill-in officer at the moment and wants to have a couple more in place.

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