Jon Brown and David Locke with Stockwell Engineering presented the Northshore Master Plan to the North Sioux City Council July 20. This plan is a drawing concept of the land development north of the high school once the land is removed from the floodway, based on FEMA’s new floodplain maps due to be released in 2021. Stockwell took into consideration South Dakota Department of Transportations (SDDOT) suggestions about removing the Exit 4 connection to Northshore Drive and having a separate road that connects to the north side of Penrose Drive and reconnects to Westshore behind the school. In doing so, Northshore Drive would become more of a residential road than the farm to market road it’s utilized as today.

Along with mapping out utilities, roads and infrastructure, Stockwell factored in development areas of residential homes, multi-family districts and commercial businesses. In the plan, 138 acres were set aside as residential. Factoring 3.5 homes per acre brings a total of just over 450 homes to North Sioux City. Council member Lesa Cropley was worried about how much that would tax the current sewer system, especially with the capacity issues North Sioux City is already facing. Brown stated that this would be an ongoing process and would need to be deliberated in the future as growth occurs.

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