Dakota Valley Dance team

The Dakota Valley Dance team celebrated its 12th straight state championship win Oct. 22 at Brandon Valley. Pictured are, from front, Courtney Barajas, Jozlyn Jones, Celine Bernard, Ella Graham, Alexandra Parks and Shoshana Berg; middle, Josephine Hall, Gianna Pawlick, Macie Poulsen, Ava Merchant, Sammie Pollema and Megan Poulsen; and back, coach Carey Baczwaski, Peyton Bernard, Sofie Carrigan, Mackenzie Keizer, Marissa Loe, Zoey Eriksen and Emily Jumper.

By half a point (277), Dakota Valley’s Dance team continued their state championship run for the 12th year in a row. State was held in Brandon Valley Friday, Oct. 22. Coming close in second was Beresford with 276.5. Tea Area took third with 262.5.

Nine schools competed in the championship. Three of them – DV, Lakkota Tech and Northwestern – competed in the Jazz competition. DV took first with a score of 263.5 followed by Lakkota Tech and Northwestern tying for second at 167.

Seven schools competed in Pom – DV, Beresford, Platte-Geddes/AC/DC, Tea Area, Winner Area, Gregory and Hot Springs. DV took first with 290.5 points. Beresford followed three points behind at 287.5. Platte-Geddes/AC/DC took third with 260.5 points.

Seven schools also competed in Hip Hop – Tea Area, Beresford, Winner Area, Platte-Geddes/AC/DC, Gregory, Hot Springs and Lakkota Tech. Tea Area took firsst with 268 points followed by Beresford with 265.5. Winner Area took third with 264.

After averaging the two scores of every team, DV took the grand championship by half a point.