Before shutting down North Sioux City City Hall for the Thanksgiving holiday, Mayor Rodd Slater sent out a letter addressed to all residents and business owners in the city.

The letter gave information of the spread of COVID-19 in Union County, how many cases the county has total, how many were active, how many people have been hospitalized and how many people have died. The letter provided links to help keep the community informed on measures and precautions to take during the holiday seasons and slow the spread of COVID within North Sioux City. Along with links for the South Dakota Department of Health ( and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (, the letter included a link on Governor Kristi Noem’s “Back to Normal” Plan (

The letter specifically advocated for taking the following precautions:

1. Become familiar with how the virus spreads.

2. Wash and sanitize hands frequently.

3. Avoid close contac.t

4. Wear masks or other face coverings when around others.

5. Cover coughs and sneezes.

6. Clean and disinfect surfaces.

7. Monitor health daily.

“If each of us responds, learns about this virus, and takes daily precautions, we can better protect our community from this current surge of COVID-19 and support our healthcare system,” Slater stated in the letter.