North Sioux City Community Library Director Liane Welte requested a part-time employee to help with Saturdays at the council meeting March 1. She stated some patrons have expressed interest in having the library reopen on Saturdays, because it works better with their schedules. Before COVID-19, the library was open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturdays and was covered by Welte or another employee. She has money in her budget to cover part-time employees two Saturdays a month.

“We have very strong part-timers right now, but they are unable to assist us on the weekends,” Welte said. “All of our events are during the week, so I would like to have our strong personnel when they’re assigned to be there during the week.”

She stated that there are no programs on Saturdays so it would be a good position for older high school or college students.

The council agreed to the request and authorized to advertise for the position.

The council approved bills and the second reading of Ordinance 2021-01 which corrects language in zoning ordinance 17.72.01.

A short report was heard from Stockwell Engineering. Jon Brown discussed a contract they’ll have at the next meeting for the realignment of Sioux Point Road.

The council adjourned at 7:38 p.m. and scheduled the next meeting for March 15. They will convene at 6 p.m. as the Board of Equalization and continue their regular meeting at 7 p.m.