The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) Commission held their July meeting at the Watertown Event Center July 8-9. At their meeting they finalized proposals from their May and June meetings as well as passed several other proposals, which will now be up for public comment.

Aquatic Invasive Species

The commission proposed three changes to the Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) rules:

1. Allow exemptions for shoreline property owners to possess and dispose of invasive species to help minimize their introduction to other waters. This means that individuals who own homes or cabins on a waterbody can dispose of AIS species on docks, boats, shorelines or other similar structures.

2. Provide an exemption to allow boats, docks or boat lifts that are removed from an infested water to be launched directly back into that waterbody without having mussels removed.

3. Remove current rules requiring decontamination of boats that have been in infested waters for more than three days before their next launch.

Fish limits

The commission proposed to change daily catfish regulations on the Iowa/SD border to allow 10 channel catfish, one blue catfish and five flathead catfish per day, with one flathead catfish 30 inches or longer per day.

For more information on any of the fisheries proposals, visit or contact

Public comments

currently being accepted

If you would like to comment on any of these proposals, visit Comments can also be mailed to 523 E. Capitol Ave Pierre, SD

To hear the discussion on these proposals, audio from the meeting is available through South Dakota Public Broadcasting and will soon be available on the GFP website as part of the meeting archive. To see the proposal in its entirety, visit

To be included in the public record and to be considered by the commission, comments must include a full name and city of residence and be submitted by 11:59 p.m. Aug. 29.

The next commission meeting will be held Sept. 1-2.

The commission also finalized several proposals from their May and June meetings.