Veteran posters

To celebrate Veterans Day, Dakota Valley upper elementary and middle school students decorated halls and lockers, made cards and posters and had other activities to honor veterans.

Even though Dakota Valley was unable to hold a Veterans Day ceremony this year, students still honored veterans by decorating the halls. The upper elementary and middle school students made posters, thank you cards and decorated lockers with pictures of their beloved veterans.

The day started out with Peyton M. singing the National Anthem followed by a poignant address on the meaning and history of Veterans Day during morning announcements. The fourth through eighth grade classes sent letters to veterans and active duty members and art classes made a patriotic agamograph display in the upper elementary. Fourth and fifth grade made Military Super Stars and adorned their lockers. Sixth grade made patriotic signs spelling out Veterans Day. Seventh and eighth grade students decorated the walls with the Hallway of Heroes posters. The Middle School Student Council collected hats and gloves for the Veterans Center. And for the day, the student body wore red, white and blue attire.