A new state statute was passed during the 2020 legislative session that sparked the rewriting of a resolution on title administration fees in the Union County Treasurer’s department. Treasurer Myron Hertel explained the new statute and the updated resolution to the Union County Board of County Commissioners Tuesday, Sept. 8.

Currently, Union County charges an administration fee of $25 to all titles handled through the mail to non-South Dakota residents.

“In between that time, the Pennington County State’s Attorney didn’t feel that the laws actually allowed us to charge an admin fee and they were uncomfortable with just doing it,” Hertel explained. “So, they got a law passed this last year regarding admin fees; however, it’s all titles, not just non-residents. So in order to continue charging the fee, we have to redo the resolution and charge it to all who want titles through the mail.”

“Did they find this law or make a new law?” commissioner Rich Headid asked. “Because, I’m not comfortable charging our residents in Union County.”

“They made a law,” Hertel clarified. “The law says, and it does not distinguish because the legislature did not feel that we could discriminate between residents and non-residents. So if we charge it, we charge it to all.”

The commissioners wondered if the same amount had to be charged or if non-residents could be charged more. Hertel is going to look into it and bring the resolution back along with more information.

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