Independence Waste, a garbage service formerly located outside of Elk Point City limits, was officially declared a nuisance by the Union County Board of County Commissioners June 19, 2019. The county went through the entire process to the clean up, when it was discovered the banks that took over Independence Waste had hired a company to handle the process. However, the company either never finished cleaning it up, or people have been dumping more of their garbage in front of the building.

“It’s not getting any better, not improving,” Union County Chief Deputy Michael Bucholz said. “We’re getting reports of some crime that’s happening out there. With us patrolling the area, we’ve had to replace four tires on one of the pickups because of a board that had been punctured. It just appears to me that there was initial some progress, but it’s as bad as ever. I’m here to ask that, you guys, set up some kind of schedule and guideline and make a final date that we could get this cleaned up, taken care of and moved on down the line.”

“It came a long way,” Union County Sheriff Dan Limoges said. “But then they stopped doing any more clean up. It appears that people are dumping garbage out there and I think some of these people that have their dumpster still, out in the county here, are upset and bringing it up and dumping it. We had four tires go flat because we had an issue going on out that way and somebody had intentionally drove nails into a two-by-four and put it across the road and we found the two-by-four.”

The commissioners tried to remember what all timelines were in their declaration of public nuisance and asked that Zoning Director Dennis Henze be available at the next meeting to give them an update on both Independence Waste and the Tielke property.

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