Brookings main exit on I-29 is at exit 132. Home to South Dakota State University, it has three attractions that seniors will enjoy.

The South Dakota Art Museum has an excellent selection of South Dakota and Native American art. Harvey Dunn is a world-recognized artist; the museum has a number of originals, including “Prairie is my Garden.” The museum has an excellent gift shop. Admission is free.

Just down the street is the South Dakota Heritage Museum. It has vintage farm equipment and a replica 1915 farmhouse. It gives you an understanding of history, culture and scenes of South Dakota agriculture. They, too, have a museum store. Admission is free.

If you are there when it is easy to walk outdoors, visit the McCrory Gardens and South Dakota Arboretum, which cover 25 acres of botanical gardens and 45 acres of arboretum. There are 14 gardens there. Admission rates may apply.

There are more options, but these are the major ones.

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