2021 Governing Principles

• We are opposed to any state income tax. The absence of a state income tax gives South Dakota an advantage in business attraction, expansion and retention.

• We are opposed to property tax legislation that disproportionately shifts the burden to commercial property.

• We support legislation that will enhance video lottery and all South Dakota video lottery establishments to compete more effectively with gaming in neighboring states.

• We support economically-sustainable energy development.

• We support appropriate funding for K-12 and higher education, including technical institutes.

• We support the personal property rights of South Dakota employers.

2021 Legislative Priorities

Workforce Development

We support initiatives that will provide the South Dakota workforce (both existing and future) with the skill sets required by the companies that will provide South Dakota a strong economic base. We also support the continuation of public/private partnerships in an effort to actively recruit and/or train a skilled workforce to the area.


With the growing demand for a skilled workforce, we support the promotion of workforce training initiatives and the technical trades as early as middle school and throughout high school. Since high school graduates are increasingly becoming an immediate source of the skilled workforce, we urge the legislature to provide the necessary K-12 funding according to the state formula. We continue to encourage private-sector internships in the education and job training process. We also support competitive high-quality education in South Dakota and local control of school districts.

Workforce Housing

In order to attract skilled workers to South Dakota and support job growth, we encourage the State to continue to participate in the development of affordable workforce housing, both single-family homes and multi-family homes. Without local and state financial support, projects like these are less attractive investments for developers to undertake.

Future Fund

We support maintaining the flexibility of the Future Fund as it is an important economic development tool that the Governor can use in projects that expand the employment base in South Dakota.


We support legislation that enhances, updates and improves the flexibility of the REDI Fund as an economic development tool to meet the demands of the global business environment, including small and technology-based businesses.

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