Union County Museum

Jerry Flannery, Robbin Murtha Boerjan, Lynne Murtha Bormann and Velma Austad stand in front of the main floor fireplace at the Charles Murtha home, now part of the Union County Museum in Elk Point.

The Union County Historical Society hosted two relatives of the Charles Murtha family – Robbin Murtha Boerjan of Rock Falls, IL and her sister, Lyne Murtha Bormann of Mozilla, IA. Several years ago, Boerjan found out about the Murtha house, which currently serves as the Union County Museum on W. Main Street in Elk Point.

Boerjan was curious as to why her family never talked about the place. During discussion with her siblings, she made contact with the museum July 9. The family did not know the story of the property nor that there was a woman, Anna Wagner, who was the last caretaker of the property prior to the Curt Nelson family purchasing it in 1979. A return visit to the museum Saturday, July 10 gave them more information on the family history.

Velma Austad made significant contributions to the history of the family, found out why Anna Wagner was the caretaker of the propery and provided information on Clarence Murtha. Austad was Wagner’s caretaker prior to 1978 when Wagner died. Boerjan and Bormann thanked the historical society for their dedication in caring for such a beautiful property.