Every year Dakota Valley holds a Senior Night to recognize the work of the seniors and the scholarships and awards they received throughout the year. Because school closed due to the pandemic, last year’s seniors didn’t get their recognition. Here are some of the scholarship winners.

DV Board of Education Scholarship: Elizabeth Parks and Maggie Faldmo

Dakota Valley Boosters: Paige Klemme, Pierce Nichols, Faldmo, Hayli Martinez, Caden Peters and Abby Poulsen

Dakota Valley Business Council Scholarship: Drew Addison and Madison Ferdig

DV Community Scholarship: Chris Jumper, Serena Scott, Peters, Brady Schroeder, Braeden Wright, Hayley Bland, Mary Beth Winckler, Carrington Deist, Joseph Keime, Faldmo, Morgan Walchek, Martinez, Ferdig, Klemme, Poulsen, Parks and Ally Beresford

DVEA Scholarship: Parks

1st Financial Scholarship: Beresford

Larry Ellis Scholarship: Kyra Schenk

North Sioux Dental Scholarship: Brieonna Goodman

North Sioux Fire Department Scholarship: Goodman and Brian Wickey

Purple Panther – Girls Basketball Scholarship: Morgan Tritz

Purple Panther – Volleyball Scholarship: Beresford, Jordyn Jensen and Rachel Wente

Dakota Valley PTO Scholarship: Klemme

Dakota Valley PTO Scholarship: Parks

Skyline Scholarship: Martinez and Deena Riley

TJ Wente Scholarship: Shelby Link