Huskies win Dog Bowl

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Posted: Thursday, October 10, 2019 12:33 pm

The football game against Beresford Sept. 27 started like many of EPJ’s games this year – the Huskies gave up a long, quick touchdown, the line wasn’t holding their blocks and the offense sputtered. It looked like the Dog Bowl was going to go the way of other losses this year.

But midway through the second quarter, a sea change took place. Linemen started listening to their coaches, the secondary tightened up and suddenly, the Huskies were right back in it. Even though the Watchdogs scored two more touchdowns before halftime, it never felt like the Huskies were out of it. They stopped 2 of Beresford’s extra point attempts and then scored a TD of their own. The holes were opening up for the running backs and they started racking up some serious yards.

“Anytime you can rush for over 300 yards, you have to give credit to the OL,” head coach Jake Terry said. “Our OL did a great job of opening holes and our backs took advantage of what they gave us. One of the benefits to our offense is multiple running threats. The defense dictates who carries the ball. Friday night their DT keyed hard on Brody [Weavill] while their DE and LB took the pitch, leaving no one to take care of the QB as our OL did a great job of getting to their inside LBs. Coach Timmins did a great job of recognizing this early and exploiting this. As a result, Ethan [Hammitt] had a heck of a game. They never had an answer. That’s a credit to Riley [Schmitz] and Skyler [Swatek] both being big threats on the edge that they must account for. We were able to wear them down and the 3-4 yard gains in the first half, became 8-10 yard gains in the second half. We finished the game averaging 6.2 yards per carry.”

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