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Why a Personalized Diet Can Help You Achieve Better Results

(StatePoint) From custom-designed sneakers to tailor-made sunglasses, the trend of personalization is going head-to-toe, and for good reason, making its way to the world of weight loss and wellness.

  • icon Posted: December 26

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Tuesday 12/17/2019
Stay-At-Home Dads, Mid-Life Search For Gold, New Theory On Leadership, Balancing People And Profits
Posted: December 17, 2019

Leaderology” by Oleg Konovalov

Monday 12/02/2019
Simple Ways a Keto-Friendly Diet Can Set You Up for Success
Posted: December 02, 2019

(StatePoint) Chances are you’ve heard of the keto diet. Its popularity has soared in recent years, adding it to the list of diets many people try, especially in the New Year. The keto diet is founded on the belief that when your body is in a state of nutritional ketosis -- a metabolic state in which fat provides most of the fuel for the body -- you will lose weight. But what if you could take a less drastic approach?

Tuesday 11/26/2019
Gift Yourself A Very Merry Holiday
Posted: November 26, 2019

(NAPSI)—Best-ever holiday? It’s on. From friends & family gatherings to cocktail parties and holiday potlucks, there’s no shortage of unforgettably beautiful holiday moments worth celebrating (even the unfiltered, messy, probably embarrassing, and slightly dramatic ones). And you can find all the go-to styles to give and gift yourself for every merry occasion at your nearest maurices store or online. Here are some of the season’s hottest fashion gifts for others or yourself!

Monday 11/25/2019
Tips to Protect Your Winter Wardrobe
Posted: November 25, 2019

(StatePoint) If you are like many people, your winter wardrobe requires a bit of extra care. Between fine cashmere sweaters, favorite woolen outerwear and your snazziest cocktail attire, your special care garments should look as crisp at the end of the season as they do today.

Wednesday 11/20/2019
Energy-Based Devices Are The New Face of Beauty
Posted: November 20, 2019

(NewsUSA) - Beauty, like health, goes beyond the visible surface. While many of us manage our wellness via diet, exercise and check-ups, we don't apply the same 360-degree approach to our beauty regimen. It's possibly due to lack of viable options.

Energy-Based Devices Are The New Face of Beauty
Posted: November 20, 2019

(NewsUSA) - Beauty, like health, goes beyond the visible surface. While many of us manage our wellness via diet, exercise and check-ups, we don't apply the same 360-degree approach to our beauty regimen. It's possibly due to lack of viable options.

Energy-Based Devices Are The New Face of Beauty
Updated: January 28, 2020 - 3:11 am

(NewsUSA) - Beauty, like health, goes beyond the visible surface. While many of us manage our wellness via diet, exercise and check-ups, we don't apply the same 360-degree approach to our beauty regimen. It's possibly due to lack of viable options.

Tuesday 11/12/2019
Top 5 Holiday Temptations and How to Avoid Them
Posted: November 12, 2019

(StatePoint) The holiday season means delicious food and parties galore. If you’ve been dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, there’s no reason to throw away all your hard work. You just need to make adjustments to your routine so you can enjoy the season guilt-free.

Monday 10/28/2019
How to Stick to Your Workout Schedule During the Holiday Season
Posted: October 28, 2019

(StatePoint) There are plenty of temptations to skip a workout during the holiday season. Ironically, this is the time of year you may need the movement most.

Wednesday 10/23/2019
3 Ways to Treat Yourself This Holiday Season
Posted: October 23, 2019

(StatePoint) When it comes to holiday giving, don’t be shy about indulging in a little self-care. With these ideas, you can show yourself some love, while looking elegant, relaxed and stylish at all the season’s events.

Tuesday 09/10/2019
Get Back in Your Favorite Jeans With These Weight Loss Tips
Posted: September 10, 2019

(StatePoint) Do you have a favorite pair of jeans sitting in your closet with the hopes that one day they will fit again? You’re not alone!

Tuesday 08/13/2019
How to Dress For A Do-It-All Fall
Posted: August 13, 2019

(NAPSI)—As the weather begins to cool, you cozy up-gathering friends and family for tailgating before the big game, baking, and bonfires. Here’s to coming together for feel-good moments with your favorite people. And the versatile outfits that make you look and feel even more amazing. Discover the wardrobe essentials you need to mix, match and mingle your way through the season at your nearest maurices store or online.

Thursday 08/01/2019
Make a Statement: 4 Back-to-School Trends to Try
Posted: August 01, 2019

(StatePoint) Fashion trends are cyclical and those in the know love it! From chunky soles to bold colors and oversized brand logos, this back-to-school season, 90s-inspired sneakers are all the rage.

Thursday 07/25/2019
Tips from a Pro for Weight Loss Success
Posted: July 25, 2019

(StatePoint) Losing weight is often an idea rather than an undertaking, suggests a recent Gallup Poll, which found that while 51 percent of adults want to shed pounds off their frame, only 25 percent say they are seriously working toward that goal.

Thursday 07/18/2019
How to Find the Best Back-to-School Deals
Posted: July 18, 2019

(StatePoint) With households nationwide spending $27.6 billion on items like clothes, accessories and supplies, back-to-school is now the second biggest shopping season of the year, according to Deloitte research.

Saturday 06/01/2019
Fit Family Summer Ideas and Activities
Posted: June 01, 2019

(StatePoint) Oh summertime. The kids are out of school, and you’re already running out of ideas to keep them active.

Friday 05/31/2019
5 Simple Ways to Make Healthy Choices at Summer BBQs
Posted: May 31, 2019

(StatePoint) While fun, all those barbecues and cookouts of summer can present a challenge when you’re trying to lose weight and stay healthy. However, there’s no need to ditch these fun get-togethers for fear of derailing your healthy lifestyle. Instead, you can employ some simple tricks to help you stay on track.

Thursday 05/16/2019
How to Look Polished on Any Budget
Posted: May 16, 2019

(StatePoint) You don’t need to spend a fortune to look like you own a fortune.

Tuesday 05/14/2019
6 Calorie Bombs to Avoid When Dining Out
Posted: May 14, 2019

(StatePoint) There’s nothing better than a night on the town. But when you’re trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle, restaurant menus aren’t always your friend.

Saturday 05/04/2019
Tips for a Stress-Free National Bike to Work Month
Posted: May 04, 2019

(StatePoint) May is National Bike to Work Month, and hundreds of thousands of commuters are expected to participate across the country.

Wednesday 04/10/2019
5 Warm Weather Weight Loss Blunders to Avoid
Posted: April 10, 2019

(StatePoint) Along with warm weather comes picnics, cookouts and other parties that can take a toll on your healthy lifestyle.

Thursday 04/04/2019
4 Ways to Get Fit as a Family
Posted: April 04, 2019

(StatePoint) One of the keys to encouraging children to develop health habits early is to make fitness a priority in the home.

Crunch Time: Get in Shape for Summer
Posted: April 04, 2019

(StatePoint) There’s nothing more humbling than putting on a bathing suit. If you’ve been living life to the fullest, there’s no hiding the evidence. On the other hand, if you’ve been exercising and watching your diet, there’s nothing more gratifying than seeing a slimmer, toner you in the mirror. So how do you get to that happy place, and in time for summer? You start today.

Thursday 06/13/2013
The Healing Power Of Water
Posted: June 13, 2013

(NAPSI)—To help you get in the swim for fitness exercise, renowned aquatics expert, U.S. Masters Swimming and Synchro Champion Dr. Jane Katz answers questions on water exercise:

Thursday 06/06/2013
The Sunglasses That Helped Define The Style Of The '60s Are Back
Posted: June 06, 2013

(NAPSI)—When it comes to the “Swingin’ ‘60s,” few objects are as iconic as sunglasses.

Helping Men Battle The Signs Of Aging
Posted: June 06, 2013

(NAPSI)--There’s hopeful news for men who are fighting the signs of aging. A new, clinically demonstrated anti-aging treatment specifically formulated for men’s thicker, coarser skin has been introduced.

Correcting Skin Tone
Posted: June 06, 2013

(NAPSI)—A bright spot in the beauty landscape is that you can now get rid of dark spots while concealing imperfections with a continuous, daily treatment.

Have Great Looking Skin at Any Age
Posted: June 06, 2013

(StatePoint) One of the customary perks of getting older is growing a little wiser along the way.  You’ve most likely come to appreciate your “thicker skin” when dealing with life’s sticky situations. However, when you look in the mirror, all you seem to see is thinning skin -- your epidermis that is, not your ego. 

Thursday 05/30/2013
What Women Want--In A Swimsuit
Posted: May 30, 2013

(NAPSI)—Women, it seems, would rather be heard than seen…in a swimsuit, that is. In fact, according to a recent survey of women conducted on behalf of Lands’ End, more women (66 percent) would be self-conscious appearing in public in a swimsuit than they would be giving a speech.

Thursday 05/16/2013
This Summer: Stay in Shape without a Gym Membership
Posted: May 16, 2013

(StatePoint) It’s not as easy to hide under layers of clothing during the summer. You’ll want to look your best in those shorts, t-shirts and bathing suits; as such, staying in shape is key.

Thursday 05/02/2013
Your Love Can Help You Win $11,000 Diamond Earrings
Posted: May 02, 2013

(NAPSI)--Wedding bands and engagement rings are more than gifts to mark an occasion; they symbolize a couples eternal love and commitment. Now, that everlasting love can also lead to more lovely jewelry. Thats because through May 21, 2013, people can share their stories of Everlasting Love online for a chance to win $11,000 Erica Courtney diamond earrings.

Give The Gift Of Diamonds
Posted: May 02, 2013

(NAPSI)Diamonds are a special gift to give and receive. Give the gift of diamonds this Mothers Day to show how much you care. After all, a girl can always have more diamonds.

The Powerful Role Fashion Plays In Self-Expression
Posted: May 02, 2013

(NAPSI)—Before you head out to shop this season’s trends, perhaps it’s worth considering how fashion makes you feel and what different fashion pieces can say about you. Sometimes, fashion speaks louder than words.

Thursday 04/25/2013
How Miss America Stays Chic
Posted: April 25, 2013

(NAPSI)—You don’t have to be Mallory Hagan to look like Miss America—or, at any rate, to dress like her.

Monday 04/22/2013
Trends in Natural Color Diamonds Shine in Everyday Fashion
Posted: April 22, 2013

(NewsUSA) - Spring and summer are synonymous with a flurry of wedding activities. Although engagement rings and wedding bands are the main jewelry at a wedding, fine jewelry is actually the most considered choice for all of the gifts surrounding the romantic affair -- bride gifts, groom gifts, gifts for the mother of the bride, not to mention tokens of appreciation for bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Thursday 04/11/2013
Save Your Skin From Stress
Posted: April 11, 2013

(NAPSI)—Wearing your heart on your sleeve is one thing; wearing your stress on your skin is another. It’s something you don’t want.

Thursday 04/04/2013
Protect Your Skin and Hair While You Swim
Posted: April 04, 2013

(NAPSI)—Summer is right around the corner, and for many families, that means it’s the season for pool time fun. Swimming is not only the ideal way to cool off, it’s also great exercise and supports a healthy lifestyle.

Five Ways To Save Yourself From The Sun's Rays
Posted: April 04, 2013

(NAPSI)--It’s a bright idea to save your skin from the damage that can come from too much sun. Unprotected exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light can put you at risk for skin cancer, which, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is the most common form of cancer in the United States.

A Restorative Solution For Every Skin Type
Posted: April 04, 2013

(NAPSI)—Making the most of the skin you’re in may be easier than many women realize. The fact is, well-balanced skin reveals its own natural health and radiance.

Tuesday 04/02/2013
For a fit that flatters, color matters
Posted: April 02, 2013

Nothing is black and white about fashion trends, unless the trend is black and white fashion. From the streets of SoHo to the fast lanes of Los Angeles, to the downtown in every hometown in between, fashion stories are currently being told on polar ends of the gray scale: black and white blocks, herringbones, checks, prints, and the neutrals black and white make in tandem.

Thursday 03/14/2013
Dare To Go Bare--And Be
Posted: March 14, 2013

(NAPSI)—The latest look to wear is one that’s nearly not there: From nude lips to nude nails to nude legs, it’s all about accentuating your best assets with a little help from the latest accessory trends.

Monday 03/04/2013
Expert skin care tips for glowing skin on your wedding day
Posted: March 04, 2013

(BPT) - The ideal dress, the perfect menu, the heartfelt vows – to these add another necessity of your dream wedding: gorgeous, glowing skin. Throughout your entire wedding – from the moment you start walking down the aisle to when you exchange vows to your first dance as man and wife – the focus is on your face. Beautiful skin is essential, and with some expert tips, achieving it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Wednesday 02/20/2013
How to eat your heart out and lower your heart disease risk
Posted: February 20, 2013

Every day your heart makes enough energy to drive a truck 20 miles. To do this, your heart needs a little help from you. Just like a well-running automobile, your heart needs fuel to keep it chugging along.

Wednesday 02/06/2013
Want to get paid to go to the gym? Become a personal trainer
Posted: February 06, 2013

(BPT) - One upside to the burgeoning obesity epidemic is that it’s fueling the growth of jobs in the fitness industry.